Jimmy Tippett senior - Professional Lightweight boxer


Jimmy won the Cival Service Championship of Great Britain and was an A.B.A Divisional Champion.
Both Jimmy's father Jimmy and Grandfather Sammy was regular exponents of the 'Noble Art' especially in the booths, and they were known as 'The fighting Dyers of Lewisham'.
'Dyer' was a ring name only and young Jimmy preferred his correct surname when he turned pro at the age of 16.
What a start he made Jimmy, for three years he remained undefeated in twenty bouts with eleven inside the distance wins. Jimmy was managed by Benny Huntman and Micky Duff later on in his career.
He will always be remembered for his sensational title fight with Freddie King. Because of his reputation as a puncher, Jimmy had received several lucrative offers to box on unlicensed shows but declined them all.

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